New Haven bids bon voyage to schooner

NEW HAVEN - Since it arrived in the United States last summer, the Ukrainian schooner Batkivschyna has won the support of many American businesses and sailing organizations. Most recently, the Gateway Terminal in New Haven provided the Ukrainian ship with over 800 gallons of free fuel during its final stop in Connecticut before continuing on its expedition to the Great Lakes. The donation was arranged by two of the officers of the Gateway Terminal, Orest Dubno and Richard Smith, as a goodwill gesture to support the ship's humanitarian mission.

This summer, the Batkivschyna is participating in a series of tall ship festivals in the Midwest, including the Harborfest in Cleveland, the Friendship Festival in Buffalo and the Detroit 300 Celebration. The ship will also serve as a goodwill ambassador for the Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund (CCRF), an award-winning charity that has delivered over $47 million worth of medical aid to Ukrainian hospitals and orphanages.

We were very pleased to be able to help the Batkivschyna along on its legendary voyage," said Mr. Dubno, a member of CCRF's board of directors and the former revenue commissioner for the State of Connecticut. "This donation would not have been possible without the cooperation of Carl Harvey, the curriculum coordinator at the New Haven Sound School and Beth McCabe of the Schooner Inc., who provided docking facilities for the refueling procedure."

Because of the rapidly changing tides in New Haven Harbor, the refueling had to take place within a very narrow time frame between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. Despite these time restrictions, the Batkivshchyna attracted many visitors during its short sojourn. Among the more notable visitors were State Rep. Bill Dyson and Captain William Pinckney, the skipper of the "Amistad," a replica of the 18th century slave ship that inspired the feature film directed by Steven Spielberg.

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