CEC releases list of winners in 225 single-mandate districts

KYIV - The CEC on April 3 released a list of newly elected national deputies for all 225 single mandate districts in Ukraine. Returns were incomplete in 16 districts (the relevant percentages follow the candidates' party affiliations), although at the time the CEC did not expect incomplete returns to affect the outcome of the races in question.

Those listed below are considered victors, pending any court challenges that may be brought by defeated competitors. It is too early to predict where such challenges will be filed.

In cases where single-mandate district results are overturned, repeat elections would most likely be held in August of this year, said CEC Chairman Mykhailo Riabets.

Those candidates marked "Ind" (for independent) are in many cases members of political parties, however, they were "self-nominated" as opposed to party- or bloc- nominated for registration purposes.

Acronyms used in the listing below are: OU, Our Ukraine; FUU, For a United Ukraine; CPU, Communist Party of Ukraine; SDPU, Social Democratic Party (United); and SPU, Socialist Party of Ukraine.

Autonomous Republic of Crimea

District 1, Volodymyr Voyush, SDPU (89.43%)
District 2, Lev Myrymskyi, Ind.
District 3, Serhii Ivanov, Ind.
District 4, Anatolii Rakhanskyi, Ind.
District 5, Viktor Myronenko, CPU
District 6, Valerii Horbatov, Ind.
District 7, Ihor Franchuk, Ind.
District 8, Volodymyr Skliar, Ind.
District 9, Valerii Yevdokimov, SDPU
District 10, Anatolii Franchuk, Ind.

Vinnytsia Oblast

District 11, Viktor Antemiuk, Ind.
District 12, Petro Poroshenko, OU
District 13, Mykola Katerynchuk, Ind.
District 14, Volodymyr Maistryshyn, Ind.
District 15, Hryhorii Kaletnyk, FUU
District 16, Ihor Kalnichenko, FUU
District 17, Mykola Sokyrko, OU
District 18, Svitlana Melnyk, SPU

Volyn Oblast

District 19, Serhii Slabenko, OU
District 20, Serhii Bondarchuk, OU
District 21, Mykola Martynenko, Ind.
District 22, Volodymyr Bondar, OU
District 23, Ihor Yeremeyev, FUU

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

District 24, Anatolii Klymenko, Ind.
District 25, Serhii Bychkov, Ind.
District 26, Viktor Pinchuk, Ind.
District 27, Leonid Serhienko, Ind.
District 28, Viktor Veretennykov, Ind.
District 29, Oleksander Kasianenko, Ind.
District 30, Viacheslav Anisimov, CPU
District 31, Volodymyr Movchan, FUU
District 32, Vadym Hurov, Ind.
District 33, Ihor Smianenko, Ind.
District 34, Mykola Kolisnyk, Ind.
District 35, Viktor Drachevskyi, Ind.
District 36, Leonid Derkach, Ind.
District 37, Serhii Kasianov, Ind.
District 38, Mykola Soloshenko, Ind., (96.57%)
District 39, Oleksander Shevchenko, FUU
District 40, Oleh Tsariov, Ind.

Donetsk Oblast

District 41, Raisa Bohatyriova, FUU (83.32%)
District 42, Tetiana Bakhtieyeva, FUU
District 43, Yukhym Zviahilskyi, FUU
District 44, Valentyn Landyk, FUU
District 45, Volodymyr Rybak, FUU
District 46, Andrii Kliuyev, FUU
District 47, Oleh Panasovskyi, CPU
District 48, Mykola Yankovskyi, FUU
District 49, Leonid Baisarov, FUU
District 50, Oleksii Korsakov, Ind,
District 51, Mykola Komar, FUU
District 52, Heorhii Skudar, FUU
District 53, Vitalii Khomutynnyk, FUU
District 54, Volodymyr Avramenko, FUU
District 55, Serhii Matvienkov, FUU
District 56, Oleksander Koloniari, FUU
District 57, Ihor Shkiria, FUU
District 58, Oleksander Leschynskyi, FUU
District 59, Viktor Turmanov, Ind,
District 60, Volodymyr Zubanov, FUU
District 61, Hennadii Vasyliev, Ind,
District 62, Valerii Konovaliuk, FUU
District 63, Viktor Slauta, FUU

Zhytomyr Oblast

District 64, Volodymyr Satsiuk, Dem. Party/Dem. Union (89.74%)
District 65, Pavlo Zhebrivskyi, Ind.
District 66, Pavlo Matvienko, Party of National Economic Development
District 67, Valentyn Savytskyi, Ind.
District 69, Viktor Razvadovskyi, Ind.

Zakarpattia Oblast

District 70, Nestor Shufrych, SDPU
District 71, Viktor Baloha, Ind.
District 72, Istvan Haidosz, SDPU
District 73, Oleksander Kameniash, Ind.
District 74, Mykhailo Siatynia, Ind.
District 75, Orest Klympush, Ind.

Zaporizhia Oblast

District 76, Petro Sabashuk, OU
District 77, Yurii Artemenko, Ind.
District 78, Hennadii Horlov, FUU
District 79, Yaroslav Sukhyi, Ind.
District 80, Ivan Bastryha, FUU
District 81, Volodymyr Bronnikov, FUU
District 82, Oleh Oleksenko, OU
District 83, Anatolii Moroz, CPU
District 84, Oleksander Peklushenko, FUU

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

District 85, Mykola Kruts, OU (96.41%)
District 86, Ihor Nasalyk, OU
District 87, Volodymyr Moisyk, OU
District 88, Roman Tkach, OU
District 89, Yevhen Hirnyk, OU
District 90, Roman Zvarych, OU

Kyiv Oblast

District 91, Dmytro Rudkovskyi, Ind.
District 92, Hryhorii Bondarenko, FUU
District 93, Volodymyr Syvkovych, Ind.
District 94, Tetiana Zasukha, Ind.
District 95, Yevhen Zhovtiak, OU (70.87%)
District 96, Serhii Osyka, Ind.
District 97, Yurii Boiko, OU
District 98, Kyrylo Polischuk, Ind.

Kirovohrad Oblast

District 99, Hanna Antonyeva, Ind.
District 100, Oleksander Bilovol, Dem. Party/Dem. Union
District 101, Mykhailo Poplavskyi, Ind.
District 102, Olha Zatochna, Ind.
District 103, Oleksander Yedin, FUU

Luhansk Oblast

District 104, Vasyl Nadraha, FUU (99.56%)
District 105, Vladyslav Kryvobokov, People's Party of Depositors
District 106, Enver Tskitishvili, FUU
District 107, Viktor Kirilov, Ind.
District 108, Liudmyla Kyrychenko, FUU
District 109, Serhii Synchenko, CPU
District 110, Mykola Budahiants, FUU
District 111, Hennadii Astrov-Shumilov, FUU
District 112, Yukii Ioffe, Ind.
District 113, Mykola Hapochka, FUU
District 114, Kateryna Fomenko, FUU
District 115, Viktor Topolov, Ind.

Lviv Oblast

District 116, Taras Chornovil, OU
District 117, Pavlo Kachur, OU
District 118, Taras Stetskiv, OU
District 119, Oleksander Hudyma, OU
District 120, Oleh Tiahnybok, OU
District 121, Andrii Shkil, Ind.
District 122, Petro Dyminskyi, OU
District 123, Volodymyr Yavorivskyi, OU
District 124, Petro Pysarchuk, Ind.
District 125, Petro Oliinyk, OU
District 126, Ivan Havryliuk, OU
District 127, Ihor Ostash, OU

Mykolaiv Oblast

District 128, Viktor Horbachov, Ind.
District 129, Oleksander Kuzmuk, FUU
District 130, Mykola Karpenko, FUU
District 131, Pavlo Riabikin, Ind.
District 132, Valerii Akopian, FUU
District 133, Anatolii Kozlovskyi, Ind.

Odesa Oblast

District 134, Oleksii Kozachenko, FUU
District 135, Ihor Riznyk, Ind. (96.08%)
District 136, Serhii Kivalov, Ukrainian Maritime Party
District 137, Mykola Pavliuk, Ind.
District 138, Mykola Shvedenko, Ind.
District 139, Stanislav Strebko, FUU
District 140, Yurii Kruk, Ind.
District 141, Ihor Plokhoi, Ind.
District 142, Volodymyr Mazurenko, Ind.
District 143, Leonid Klimov, FUU
District 144, Vasyl Kalinchuk, FUU

Poltava Oblast

District 145, Anatolii Kukoba, Ind.
District 146, Andrii Verevskyi, Ind.
District 147, Vasyl Havryliuk, Ind.
District 148, Oleh Salmin, Ind.
District 149, Hennadii Rudenko, FUU
District 150, Volodymyr Matytsyn, Ind.
District 151, Ivan Chetverykov, Ind.
District 152, Mykola Karnaukh, SPU

Rivne Oblast

District 153, Yurii Shyrko, Ind.
District 154, Pavlo Sulkovskyi, OU (99.32%)
District 155, Vitalii Tsekhmistrenko, OU
District 156, Oleksander Abdullin, Dem. Party/Dem, Union
District 157, Mykola Shershun, FUU

Sumy Oblast

District 158, Yevhen Lapin, FUU
District 159, Oleksander Tsarenko, FUU
District 160, Mykola Noschenko, FUU
District 161, Olha Ginsburg, CPU
District 162, Ivan Rishniak, FUU
District 163, Hryhorii Dashutin, FUU

Ternopil Oblast

District 164, Oleksander Ustenko, OU
District 165, Oleh Humeniuk, OU
District 166, Ivan Stoiko, OU
District 167, Ihor Tarasiuk, OU
District 168, Mykhailo Polianych, OU

Kharkiv Oblast

District 169, Leonid Isayev, FUU (99.25%)
District 170, Stanislav Kosionov, FUU
District 171, Dmytro Sviatash, FUU
District 172, Vasyl Salyhin, FUU
District 173, Volodymyr Hoshovskyi, Ind. (88.08%)
District 174, Mykhailo Dobkin, Ind.
District 175, Oleksander Feldman, Ind.
District 176, Oleksander Bandurko, FUU
District 177, Stepan Havrysh, FUU
District 178, Vasyl Potapov, FUU
District 179, Valentyna Hoshovska, FUU
District 180, Ivan Diyak, FUU
District 181, Liudmyla Davydova, Ind.
District 182, Oleh Karaturmanov, FUU

Kherson Oblast

District 183, Oleh Bespalov, Ind.
District 184, Volodymyr Demekhin, Ind.
District 185, Volodymyr Fialkovskyi, Ind.
District 186, Mykola Bahrayev, Ind. (98.89%)
District 187, Stanislav Nikolayenko, SPU (92.78%)

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

District 188, Oleh Lukashuk, SDPU
District 189, Vitalii Oluiko, FUU
District 190, Vasyl Shpak, FUU
District 191, Adam Chykal, Ind.
District 192, Viacheslav Dubytskyi, Ind.
District 193, Serhii Buriak, Ind.
District 194, Volodymyr Nechyporuk, Ind.

Cherkasy Oblast

District 195, Serhii Tereschuk, FUU
District 196, Bohdan Hubskyi, Ind.
District 197, Viktor Tymoshenko, Ind.
District 198, Ihor Chelombytko, Ind.
District 199, Petro Kuzmenko, Ind.
District 200, Borys Raikov, Ind.
District 201, Mykola Bulatetskyi, OU

Chernivtsi Oblast

District 202, Viktor Korol, OU
District 203, Heorhii Manchulenko, OU
District 204, Mykhailo Bauer, Ind.
District 205, Leonid Kadeniuk, Ind.

Chernihiv Oblast

District 206, Valentyn Melnychuk, Ind.
District 207, Vladyslav Atroschenko, OU
District 208, Oleksander Volkov, Dem. Party/Dem. Union
District 209, Ivan Pliusch, Ind.
District 210, Fedir Shpyh, Ind.
District 211, Oleh Petrov, FUU

Kyiv City

District 212, Leonid Chernovetsky, Ind.
District 213, Oleksander Zadorozhnyi, Yednist
District 214, Mykola Polischuk, OU (89.32%)
District 215, Anatolii Mokrousov, Yednist
District 216, Serhii Tieriokhin, OU
District 217, Stanislav Stashevskyi, Yednist
District 218, Vasyl Horbal, Ind. (97.81%)
District 219, Volodymyr Bondarenko, OU
District 220, Valerii Asadchev, OU
District 221, Valerii Lebedivskyi, Ind.
District 222, Yurii Orobets, Ind.
District 223, Borys Bespalyi, OU

Sevastopol City

District 224, Stanislav Halchynskyi, CPU (96.04%)
District 225, Viktor Zaichko, FUU

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