A Ukrainian Summer

Supplement to The Ukrainian Weekly, May 5, 2002

Welcome to The Ukrainian Weekly's sixth annual issue of "A Ukrainian Summer." Seems like yesterday that we ran the first such special insert ...

In this year's summer supplement we invite readers to rediscover Kyiv and environs, and experience Ukraine at its best. Our Kyiv Press Bureau reports on the beautiful sights of the capital, a world-class city that has undergone much renovation and seen much new construction in recent years, and the unique open-air ethnographic museum located in nearby Pyrohova.

Closer to home, in New York state, we urge readers to revisit Soyuzivka, the Ukrainian American community's gem in the Catskill region. The resort owned by the Ukrainian National Association this year begins celebrations of its 50th anniversary.

Readers will discover that there is much to do this summer Ukrainian-wise, from attending courses at the Harvard University to participating in a new Youth Leadership Program in Washington, from studying Ukrainian folk dancing to learning bandura playing. You can travel anywhere from San Diego, to Hunter, to Lviv to participate in festivals, concerts and study tours.

So much to do during so short a season. Our advice: choose wisely, take advantage and enjoy!

A Ukrainian Summer: where to go, what to do...

Copyright © The Ukrainian Weekly, May 5, 2002, No. 18, Vol. LXX

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