Pastels by Christina Debarry featured in group exhibition

FRENCHTOWN, N.J. - Christina Debarry, president emeritus of the Pastel Society of America (1998-2001), who teaches pastel painting and enjoys giving workshops and demos, is part of the "Passionately Pastel" exhibit at the Louisa Melrose Gallery. The exhibit, which opened April 12, will be on view through May 25.

Featuring some of the country's finest pastel artists, the exhibit includes the work of long-standing signature members of the Pasetel Society of America (PSA) Alden Baker, Jason Chang, Rainie Crawford, Frank Federico, Richard Pionk, Peter Seltzer, Rae Smith, Brenda Tribush, Rhoda Yanow and Frank Zuccarelli, as well as recently accepted members Geraldine Cosgrave and Jane Voorhees. Messrs. Pionk and Zuccarelli are also members of the Pastel Society Hall of Fame. Gallery hours: 11 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.

Ms. Debarry's lifelong passion for painting, gardening and travel has led her to paint the floral still life and landscape. In her artist's statement, she notes that she reacts to the ever-shifting flow of light that touches her subject matter... "I am inspired by the vibrancy of luscious colors that change with every new hour, day and season." In my work, I stress the use of light and shadow, depth of color, line quality, texture and form. As I paint my pastels, I make use of interlacing strokes of pastel to create layers of impressionistic broken color."

In 1997, Ms. Debarry traveled to China and gave pastel painting demonstrations as a guest of the Chinese government. Most recently Ms. Debarry received two gold medal awards for her pastels at two different national exhibitions.

This spring, Ms. Debarry serves as co-chair of the juried PSA exhibition at The Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio. She is also participating in EuroPastel, a traveling pastel exhibition whose second phase was held in February-March in St. Petersburg, as part of the celebration of the tercentenary of the founding of the Russian imperial city.

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