Resolution on Famine-Genocide

Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, co-chairman of the U.S. Helsinki Commission, has just introduced the Ukraine Famine Resolution in the United States Senate, where it has been referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Your help is urgently needed to show support for this resolution (S. Res. 202) because, although 2003 marks the 70th anniversary of Stalin's genocide against the Ukrainian people, many people today are still unaware of this tragedy. This terrible deed must become a part of the common knowledge of all people - and not just those of Ukrainian descent. It needs to be recorded in general history textbooks at all levels.

We urge all Ukrainian Americans to directly communicate with the Senate - urge your own senators as well as other senators to co-sponsor Senate Resolution 202. Senators may be contacted at their local or their federal offices. Phone calls and e-mails are the most effective way of doing this.

For Senate telephone numbers, contact the Capitol Hill switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or (202) 225-3121. You can also write: Sen. (name), U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510. Contact information - including Senate e-mail addresses - is available on the Senate's website:

For further information, you may call the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council offices in Washington, (202) 737-6090, or New York, (212) 505-1765; or the Ukrainian Federation of America office in Philadelphia, (215) 663-9191; or Orest Deychakiwsky at the Helsinki Commission, (202) 225-3964. Mr. Deychakiwsky may also be reached via e-mail at

- submitted by Ihor Gawdiak, president, Ukrainian American Coordinating Council, Washington; and Zenia Chernyk, board chair, Ukrainian Federation of America, Philadelphia.

Copyright © The Ukrainian Weekly, August 3, 2003, No. 31, Vol. LXXI

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