A Ukrainian Summer: where to go, what to do...

Pick one, or two, camps from among Plast's comprehensive list of offerings

by Larissa Oprysko

NEW YORK - As summer quickly approaches, many members of the Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization are making plans to take part in a number of diverse camps.

Each year these camps offer youths a chance to learn about themselves and the outdoors, while seeing old friends from across the country and meeting many new ones.

Camps for Plast "novatstvo" (children age 6-11) and "yunatstvo" (age 12-18) will be held on July 10-31 at the Novyi Sokil campsite in North Collins, N.Y., Pysanyi Kamin in Middlefield, Ohio; and Vovcha Tropa in East Chatham, N.Y. In order to attend a three-week summer camp, campers must have been members of Plast for at least three months. In addition, a two-week camp for "starshe yunatstvo" (age 16-18) will be held at Vovcha Tropa on July 10-24.

The following specialized camps are also planned for this summer:

Camps for counselor training are planned as follows:

Furthermore, Plast is offering:

For more information or camp applications, please visit the official Plast website at www.plastusa.org, contact your local Plast branch or contact the National Plast Command headquarters at 140 Second Ave., New York, NY 10003.

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