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Consider a visit to the Homestead in the Poconos

by Borys Prokopovych

LEHIGHTON, Pa. - Hidden away in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania just 75 miles north of Philadelphia and 90 miles west of New York City, the Ukrainian Homestead offers visitors a wide range of activities in a beautiful country setting. Founded in 1957 by the Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine (known by its Ukrainian acronym as ODVU), the Homestead is dedicated to the celebration of Ukrainian heritage and culture.

Just five miles from the Pennsylvania Turnpike (NE Extension, Exit 74), the Homestead has been a unique gathering place for friends and family for over 47 years. Those who want to just unwind from big city stress can pick a soft grassy spot on the many acres of the Homestead and watch the clouds go by or take a refreshing dip in the pool. Anyone from sightseers to sports enthusiasts, can find something to meet his or her interests, all within a few miles of the Homestead. In addition, there are the Homestead's own activities.

Each year on the third weekend in August the Homestead attracts thousands of visitors to its two-day cultural Folk Festival featuring Ukrainian dance ensembles, singers, musicians, and arts and crafts vendors. The festival also includes an evening of dancing 'til dawn.

Ukrainian youth organizations such as Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization and the Ukrainian American Youth Association (SUM), as well as other groups hold weekend outings, meetings or conferences at the Homestead.

Weddings and special family gatherings are other occasions for people to get together at the Homestead. From picnics or formal events to soccer or volleyball tournaments, this country place has the room and the facilities for small or large groups to hold whatever events they choose.

The Ukrainian Homestead is occupied year-round by skiers, bikers, campers, rafters, hunting and fishing enthusiasts, conventioneers and vacationers enjoying nearby attractions such as the historic town of Jim Thorpe and the many ski resorts. During the summer the Homestead hosts the Ukrainian Gold Cross Children's Camp, the Kazka Dance Camp, a Mountain Bike Camp and a Paintball Camp.

The Ukrainian Homestead offers motel rooms and bungalows year-round. Barbecue areas, a swimming pool, a dance hall and a social club are also available. An open-air chapel provides the opportunity to attend liturgy throughout the summer months.

For more information or to make reservations, call the Ukrainian Homestead at (610) 377-4621 or (215) 235-3709, or e-mail oselia@ptd.net. Visit the website, www.ukrhomestead.com for a complete schedule of events.

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