A Ukrainian Summer

Supplement to The Ukrainian Weekly, May 1, 2005

Welcome to our ninth year of "A Ukrainian Summer," our special pre-summertime supplement prepared with the cooperation and collaboration of our readers and community activists to promote the diverse offerings available for the enjoyment and edification of participants of all ages. (A sincere thank-you is in order to all who have contributed to our 2005 issue.)

Inside you will find information about events to attend and places to visit in the United States, Canada and Ukraine. Plus, at the end of our 12-page supplement, you will see "A Ukrainian Summer Calendar" that will help you plan out your family's truly Ukrainian summer.

From summer resorts and camps to arts workshops and festivals, as well as language immersion courses, you'll learn where to get more information and how to register.

So, sit back, read and enjoy. PS: Don't forget to take notes as you make your choices on where to go and what to do.

A Ukrainian Summer: where to go, what to do...

Copyright © The Ukrainian Weekly, May 1, 2005, No. 18, Vol. LXXIII

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