The famine bill

Three weeks ago in this space, we urged all Ukrainians to ask their congressmen to support Rep. James Florio’s bill, HR 4459, that would establish a congressional commission to investigate the causes and implications of the Great Famine in Ukraine (1932-33). Today, we ask the same thing, with the added request that Ukrainians also contact their senators because the measure has now been introduced in the Senate by Sen. Bill Bradley (D-N.J.)

Why write on the same issue twice in one month? Because the issue is an important one in the history of Ukrainian community life in the United States. If we coordinate our activities and channel our efforts to see to it that the bill gets passed, then we will show ourselves and our neighbors that we understand and are capable of working within the American government process. If we do nothing, if we fail to deluge our lawmakers with letters and telegrams, if we continue to shun the political mechanism, then we will only succeed in showing that we need not be taken seriously as a voting block.