The famine: Stalin imposes a “final solution”

(The following article appeared in a recent issue of the journal Problems of Communism. Published in The Ukrainian Weekly: June 17-July 8, 1984)
After the harvest of 1932 millions of Ukrainians starved to death in one of the world’s most fertile regions. The local population had produced enough food to feed itself, but the state had seized it, thereby creating a famine by an act of policy. The areas affected were demarcated by internal administrative borders in the Soviet Union, leaving immediately adjoining areas virtually untouched. Thus, the famine appears to have been geographically focused for political reasons. Since it coincided with far-reaching changes in Soviet nationality policy, and since the areas affected were inhabited by groups, most resistant to the new policy, the famine seemed to represent a means used by Stalin to impose a “final solution” on the most pressing nationality problem in the Soviet Union.