2013: Ukrainian diaspora: all eyes on Ukraine

The year 2013 brought the Ukrainian diaspora together on numerous occasions; most recently, to stand in solidarity with Ukrainians protesting at the Euro-Maidan in Kyiv beginning in November. Euro-Maidan actions sprang up spontaneously around the globe in places such as Stockholm, Rome, Frankfurt, London, Oslo, Paris, Munich, Hamburg, Brussels, as well as in cities in Spain, Portugal, Australia, Moldova, Georgia, Poland, the Baltic states and, of course, numerous cities across Canada and the United States. According to various media sources, such protests took place in about 50 cities. The Ukrainian Weekly was flooded with reactions in November in response to the Ukrainian government’s decision to stop working on the EU Association Agreement. The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain stated: “The decision is a betrayal of European aspirations of the majority of Ukrainian people.

2013: In Ukraine: movement toward and away from EU

Europe. That’s what 2013 was all about for Ukraine and its people. This was the year that Ukraine was to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union. There were stops and starts along the way – with Ukraine delivering on some issues, but refusing to budge on others (e.g., the release of imprisoned former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko). Nonetheless, the administration of President Viktor Yanukovych repeatedly stated that Kyiv was moving toward Europe.