2013: The noteworthy: people and events

This section features the noteworthy events and people of 2013 that defy easy classification (or could fit under more than one of our Year in Review categories). • Ukrainian boxer and politician Vitali Klitschko on February 3 was awarded the international prize of the German and Polish border cities of Gorlitz/Zgorzelec for building democracy. The international prize is awarded for contributions to strengthening friendship and mutual understanding between people and nations. • Dr. Danylo Hryhorczuk of Chicago was presented Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization’s highest award – the Order of the Eternal Fire in Gold, awarded to individuals in recognition of exceptional work for the community. The presentation was part of the annual “Svichechka” ceremony, celebrated in 2013 on January 12.

2013: Our community mourns their passing

During 2013 our community mourned the passing of many of its prominent members: artists, church leaders, soldiers and community activists. Among them were the following, listed in order of their passing. Chrystyna Baranetsky, 61, Livingston, N.J., longtime Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization leader, known to many as scout leader “Podruha Tynia”; she mentored and inspired dozens of plastunky with her enthusiastic personality, belief in adolescent potential and ability to motivate girls to work hard – January 6. Mykhailo Horyn, 82, leading Ukrainian dissident during the Soviet era and human rights activist; was a member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group and a founder of Rukh, the Popular Movement of Ukraine; was twice imprisoned by Soviet authorities for his “anti-Soviet” activity; while visiting the U.S. in 1991, helped co-found the Coordinating Committee to Aid Ukraine; president of the Ukrainian World Coordinating Council, 2000-2006 – January 13. Bohdan J. Chaplynsky, 76, East Hanover, N.J., а leading operatic tenor; began his singing career in 1959 as soloist and youngest member of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus; frequently featured solo performer for Ukrainian cultural and community events; leading tenor with multiple opera companies, including the Ritenhouse Opera Society, Berks Opera Company and Amici Opera Company – January 15.

2013: The Ukrainian Weekly’s 80th anniversary year

Eighty years – that’s the milestone we at The Ukrainian Weekly marked this year. It was on October 6, 1933, that The Weekly’s first issue rolled off the presses, and we celebrated the 80th anniversary of our newspaper’s birth with a special issue published on October 6, 2013. We hope you enjoyed that special issue as much as we truly enjoyed working on it. We were most pleased that we managed to find a photo of each and every editor of The Ukrainian Weekly from 1933 through the present day. The special issue also presented a look back at eight decades of news stories, features and editorials by offering a selection of such articles.