Esteemed members of the UNA,

Dear Ukrainian brothers and sisters:

The date of February 22 is cause for great joy and pride as we mark the success of our organized community life, which began way back in 1894. Let us ponder the significance of this date as we listen to voices from our history, those of our grandparents and great-grandparents, affirming: “We did it!”

Bishop Borys Gudziak appointed as metropolitan-archbishop of Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA – On Monday, February 18, the Vatican Information Service announced that the Holy Father has appointed Bishop Borys Gudziak as archbishop of Philadelphia for Ukrainians and metropolitan for the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the U.S.A., thus concurring with the recommendation of the appointment offered by the Synod of Ukrainian Catholic Bishops, which met in September 2018 in Lviv. 

Munich Security Conference notes changes to world security order

Ukraine tries to adjust to present-day reality

KYIV – In 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a list of grievances towards the West, namely America, at the yearly Munich Security Conference in Germany. It was a harbinger of things to come as Russia was growing stronger amid booming oil prices and began to more aggressively reassert influence in its near abroad. 

Three conferences and a new set of sanctions against Russia

Mid-February registered a remarkable sequence of international forums, whose participants debated and sought to counter Russia’s power politics in Europe and the Middle East. First, defense ministers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) had their regular meeting in Brussels (February 13-14) and then proceeded to the annual security conference in Munich (February 15-17). Meanwhile, the United States-sponsored conference in Warsaw on the Middle East (February 13-14) brought together a number of prominent politicians, including Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. Vice-President Michael Pence. Simultaneously, Russian President Vladimir Putin greeted his partners in managing the Syrian war – Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani – in Sochi. 

Fifth anniversary of Revolution of Dignity commemorated in U.S. Congress

WASHINGTON – During the tumultuous three-month ordeal of the “Revolution of Dignity” in Ukraine between November 2013 and February 2014, the Ukrainian American community members repeatedly and consistently were in contact with their U.S. elected officials, providing first-hand information about the events transpiring and seeking their support and assistance. 

Heavenly Hundred remembered in Washington

A large gathering of more than 100 people actively concerned about Ukrainian affairs came together at the Holodomor Memorial in Washington on a very cold Sunday afternoon, February 17, to honor the Heavenly Hundred who gave their lives five years ago in Kyiv in their pursuit of achieving a truly independent Ukraine.

2019: The 125th anniversary of the Ukrainian National Association

PARSIPPANY, NJ – Throughout 2019, the Ukrainian National Association, one of the oldest fraternal insurance societies in America, will celebrate a landmark anniversary – 125 years of protecting Ukrainian Americans and Ukrainian Canadians, and serving Ukrainian communities. 

The UNA’s 125th anniversary

This week’s issues of both Svoboda (issue date February 22) and The Ukrainian Weekly (February 24) have special sections dedicated to a milestone anniversary of our publisher, the Ukrainian National Association – its 125th.

February 19, 1994

Twenty-five years ago, on February 19, 1994, the Ukrainian National Association celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding with a gala concert at Carnegie Hall in New York.