Escalating violence in Donbas

Writing for Eurasia Daily Monitor on March 24, journalist Yuri Lapaiev noted a “creeping escalation” along the line of contact between Ukrainian and Russia-backed forces in Donbas. This creeping escalation comes despite a ceasefire that was brokered last year and started officially on July 27, 2020. Mr. Lapaiev wrote that the ceasefire, while technically still in place, “is functionally over.”

April 8, 1961

Sixty years ago, on April 8, 1961, The Ukrainian Weekly featured an essay, “Shevchenko, the bard of Ukraine” by Roman Olesnicki, that was read at the Shevchenko Centennial Concert in Newark, N.J., on March 12, 1961.

Who lost Crimea?

I read with interest the two letters to the editor from Messrs. Martyniuk (January 29) and Mirchuk (January 15) and the two responding letters from Messrs. Lomacky and Vitvitsky challenging their accuracy (“spouting nonsense”), and seeking an apology for “provocative allegations against our president” and “spreading false information.”

Time to pass judgment on Trump

Dear Editor:

It must be clear to all Ukrainians that Russian President Vladimir Putin is Ukraine’s enemy. Unless Ukrainians are content with Ukraine being a “little Russia” or “that Ukraine is part of ‘the Russian world,’” which The Weekly noted is Moscow’s stance, Ukrainians must accept former President Donald Trump also is Ukraine’s enemy.

A smoke screen to cover “elephant in the room”

Dear Editor:

I received the February 21 issue of The Weekly just two days ago. Hence my “tardy” comments relative to Marco Levytsky’s column about President Joe Biden’s executive orders. More specifically, I wish to address the issue of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The legacy of Taras Shevchenko lives on in Canada

Every year, around March 9 (the date of his birth in 1814) and March 10 (the date of his death in 1861), Ukrainians throughout the world celebrate the life and legacy of Ukraine’s national bard, Taras Shevchenko.


Sanctions over Nord Stream 2 ‘possible’
Secretary of State Antony Blinken has told his German counterpart, Heiko Maas, that U.S. sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline are a real possibility. Mr. Blinken, speaking in Brussels on March 24 after private talks with Mr. Maas the previous day, reiterated U.S. President Joe Biden’s concerns about the pipeline from Russia to Germany.

Music at The Institute holds concert featuring works by Schumann, Prokofiev and Baley

On March 14, the Ukrainian Institute of America (UIA) in New York presented a midday concert titled Dream in Spring. With in-person attendance limited to only 25 people, this Music at The Institute (MATI) event was also professionally produced by OurConcertsLive for home streaming. The concert consisted of a major work by Robert Schumann, a seldom heard gem by Serhiy Prokofiev, and miniatures by Virko Baley.