May 20, 2021

A green light on Nord Stream 2


Dear Editor:

One might think that U.S. President Joe Biden’s green light to Russian President Vladimir Putin to complete the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a result of the recent computer terror against Colonial Pipeline. This cost a historical (and hysterical) gasoline shortage on the east coast of the United States. It is reported that Colonial Pipeline paid nearly $5 million worth of bitcoin to recover its data. The spin is that the culprits are “Russian hackers” not Mr. Putin – certain “evil” propagandists, the gullible and the useful idiots will believe and push this scenario. Another cynical view will distract by stating that this was a quid pro quo exchange of a pipeline for a pipeline with the $5 million money transfer a mere cover for the billions that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will enrich Mr. Putin and the Germans.

However, it should be noted that Mr. Biden gave Mr. Putin the “green light” to resume his pipeline as soon as he came into the White House, undoing many of former U.S. President Donald Trump’s positions. Mr. Putin started rebuilding the pipeline as soon as Mr. Biden came in to office. Mr. Biden made tough, loud speeches (impressing many gullible and useful idiots) about how he will never recognize the legality of the Crimean takeover (which occurred after former U.S. President Barack Obama gave Mr. Putin the “green light” by assuring Mr. Putin that the American response to his takeover would not be military. This “green light” came during the infamous 90-minute telephone call between Messrs. Putin and Obama).

Sterling Heights, Mich.