August 23, 2019

Article about Marchuk was beautifully written


Dear Editor:

Thank you to Oryna Hrushetsky, member of the Ukrainian National Museum’s executive board, for a beautifully written article “Chicago revels in the genius of Ivan Marchuk” (August 11). Ms. Hrushetsky’s recounting of the art exhibit and meeting with Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk very aptly and with anticipation leads the reader through the various phases of the event. Reading the article truly afforded me a wonderful insight into this unique cultural exhibit. It made me wish that I had been there witnessing this historic visit.

Thank you also to The Ukrainian Weekly Editor-in-Chief Roma Hadzewycz for consistently providing readers with a varied menu of interesting articles on a kaleidoscope of Ukrainian community issues, geopolitical analysis of experts, news from Ukraine and about Ukraine, and noteworthy news from around the world.


Vera M. Andryczyk
Jeffersonville, Pa.