February 24, 2017

“Bitter Harvest” presents opportunity


Dear Editor:

The film “Bitter Harvest” provides us with the opportunity to put the spotlight on the topics of Ukraine, genocide and the Holodomor beyond the Ukrainian community among Americans, Canadians, etc.

Within the Ukrainian community, the film “Bitter Harvest” is rightfully receiving appropriate attention.

Please send film fliers to your American friends, to your high schools, to surrounding American churches; place advertisements in the American press. Perhaps, we need to collect funds to advertise the film in the American media.

This film offers us a public relations opportunity to use the words “Ukraine,” “genocide” and “Holodomor.” We do not have many such opportunities. With each of us participating, we can spread the word about our ancestors’ sacrifices and honor the memories of the “Bitter Harvest.”

Binghamton, N.Y.