“Julia Blue” released on Amazon Prime video

NEW YORK – The feature film “Julia Blue” is available for purchase and rent on Amazon Prime Video beginning May 4 in the United States and the United Kingdom.

An award-winning film, “Julia Blue” captures the story of a young woman who comes into her own in war-torn Ukraine, where she finds her path towards independence and a brighter future challenged by unexpected love.

“The film humanizes a world historical event by dwelling not on the movers and shakers of history, but rather on how world events invade and shape the life of one remarkable young woman while bringing awareness to the war in Ukraine,” said film critic Thelma Adams.

Crime thriller “East Bay Murders”

“East Bay Murders,” by Tanya Chalupa. Independently published, 2020. Paperback, 246 pp., ISBN: 9781710996470, $15.99.

In her third book and first work of fiction, Tanya Chalupa once again focuses on the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento County. “Because of the work I did in legislation and running federally funded programs, I know Northern California, almost like the back of my hand, although now I rotate between Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia,” the author notes.

It was while she was working in Albany, Calif., Police Department with Lt. Bill “Elvis” Palmini, that DNA conclusively confirmed Charles Junior Jackson as the killer in the shocking Albany Vila murder case. Ms. Chalupa accompanied Lt. Palmini, who at the time was the investigating officer, to meet with Alameda County Senior Deputy D.A. Rock Harmon, regarding the case. During the course of her writing, Mr. Harmon provided Ms. Chalupa with guidance on the workings of the prosecutor’s office.

Young author pens fantasy novel

“Trial of Kings” by Nicholas Paslawsky, Castorville, Texas: Black Rose Writing, 2019. Paperback: ISBN: 978-1684332731, 251pp,. $19.95. Kindle: ISBN: 1684332737, $6.99.

This fantasy novel by a young Ukrainian American follows the adventures of a company of teens who traverse the treacherous Old World and resist the nefarious legion while trying to reach the mythical Bright Harbor and discover themselves along the way.

It’s been five years since the ancient world of Primoria held the Trial of Kings. The consequence of the final battle shattered the spirits of the land, ushering in a time of great uncertainty.

FILM REVIEW: Aleksandr Denysenko’s new Shevchenko

It seems that every Ukrainian creates his or her own image of Taras Shevchenko. Worldwide, nearly 1,100 memorials have portrayed the Ukrainian poet-artist as variously young or old, in folk attire or imperially slim, with furrowed brow or distant gaze. But eccentric? Humorous? Romantic?

Yet this was precisely the way director Aleksandr Denysenko intended to “humanize” the bard of Ukraine in his 2019 film “Taras: The Return,” which was screened at the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York on Sunday, February 16. To accommodate viewer interest, an additional showing was added.

Will the zeal of the converts be the hope of the Church?

“Strangers in a Strange Church? New Faces of Ukrainian Catholicism in Canada,” by Christopher Guly. Toronto: Novalis, 2019. 96 pp. ISBN 978-2-89688-747-7.

How do others see us? We rarely have an opportunity to find out. It may happen through the indiscretion of a third party. We may be disappointed or simply shocked by what even our closest friends think of us. And yet sometimes, we are pleasantly surprised. We may discover that we possess attractive traits of which we had not been aware.

The Ukraine we no longer remember: Vasyl Makhno’s debut novel

“Vichnyi Calendar” (The Eternal Calendar, in Ukrainian), by Vasyl Makhno. Lviv: Staryi Lev, 2019. ISBN-10: 617679725X.

Vasyl Makhno’s first novel, “The Eternal Calendar” (“Vichnyi Calendar”) illuminates different epochs and locations, and merges different genres. On a macro level, it is a family saga; on a micro level, it contains a number of stories within the stories and dramatized narratives. Spanning from the 1700s to our time, the Ukrainian-language novel follows family histories of a few generations, all coming from one area in western Ukraine, or eastern Galicia, with the village of Yazlivets and cities of Buchach and Chortkiv in focus.

Almanac of Ukrainian Canadian Servicemen now online

CALGARY, Alberta – The Almanac of Ukrainian Canadian Servicemen is now available online on the website of the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation (UCCLF).

This Ukrainian-language document (with an English foreword) provides information about many of the thousands of Ukrainian Canadian men and women who volunteered for service overseas with the Canadian armed forces during World War II, including photographs, casualty lists and other details. Produced in 1946, by the Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood of Canada, this rare document has been restored, and is now being made available in support of the “Heroes of Their Day” project.

Clerics, Cossacks and kleptocrats: Journalist exposes Moscow’s Fifth Column in Ukraine

“Russian Church in Hybrid War against Ukraine,”
by Tetyana Derkatch. Kyiv: Cerkvarium, 2019. 232 pp.

It is generally accepted that the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate is closely tied to the Russian government and, in exchange for its support, fulfills a range of tasks for its benefit. What is less widely known is that many of this Church’s hierarchs, clergy and faithful in Ukraine work in the interests of Russia and thus threaten the integrity of the Ukrainian state. That, at any rate, is the thesis of Tetyana Derkach’s new book.

Internationally acclaimed Ukrainian novel now available in English translation

“Sweet Darusya: A Tale of Two Villages,” by Maria Matios; Michael Naydan and Olha Tytarenko (translators). New York: Spuyten Duyvil, 2019. 224 pp. ISBN: 9781947980938. $16.
A new and dynamic translation of prominent Ukrainian writer Maria Matios’s novel “Sweet Darusya” has been released by Spuyten Duyvil of New York. The work – described by writer Andrei Kurkov as “the best contemporary Ukrainian novel written since Ukrainian Independence in 1991” – has been translated by Michael Naydan and Olha Tytarenko.

A magical journey to Lviv

“Seven Signs of the Lion,” by Michael M. Naydan. London: Glagoslav Publications, 2016. 344 pp. ISBN: 978-1-911414-17-9 (paperback), $27.
The novel “Seven Signs of the Lion” is a magical journey to the city of Lviv. A mix of magical realism, travelogue, adventure novel and love story, it is a fragmented work about a mysterious and mythical place.
On his journey to self-realization, the hero of the novel, Nicholas Bilanchuk, encounters many unique and enigmatic characters who help him on his quest to find the seven signs of the lion in the multicultural and medieval “city of lions,” Lviv.