Two crucial details missing from the story on Zelenskyy’s visit to Stanford University

Dear Editor:

I read with interest Roman Tymotsko’s report about Ukrainian President Volody­myr Zelenskyy’s speech at Stanford Univer­sity that appeared in the September 12 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly. Regret­tably, the reporter missed two crucial details. Introducing President Zelenskyy, Michael McFaul, director of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, emphasized the historical significance of the fact that this was the first visit of a Ukrainian president to Stanford University.

Guidelines for letters to the editor

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Buyer’s remorse? None here

Dear Editor:

In his letter to the editor published in the September 5 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly, Lt. Col. Bohdan Hetmansky implies that those who voted for Joe Biden could be questioning their choice. But why? Presi­dent Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s recent working visit to Washington was solid and successful, returning stability to a relationship abused and neglected by the previous administration. The message from Mr. Biden was clear: America supports Ukraine.

I have no buyer’s remorse

Dear Editor:

In response to Lt. Col. Bohdan Hetmansky’s letter in the September 5 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly, I am not a citizen of Ukraine, but a citizen of the United States, as are my children and grandchildren. Always, my vote for president is informed not by just U.S. foreign policy, including policies regarding Ukraine, but by the candidate’s domestic agenda.

Emphatically, there’s no buyer’s remorse

Dear Editor:

In response to Bohdan Hetmansky’s letter, published in the September 5 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly, on whether Ukrainian Americans who voted for President Joe Biden have any “buyer’s remorse,” I can answer emphatically that I do not. Like almost all Ukrainian Americans, regardless of political leanings, I am not happy that this administration has backed off from stopping Nord Stream 2 (see Mark Temnycky’s article in the same issue). At the same time, I recognize the difficulty in pulling the plug on a multi-billion-dollar project that was more than 90 percent complete when Mr. Biden was sworn in last January.

Do UAB members have “buyer’s remorse”?

Dear Editor:

I read with interest the released statement issued to the White House by the Ukrainian Americans for Biden (UAB) that appeared in the August 8 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly. In it they describe the comprehensive set of policy recommendations they provided the Biden Administra­tion in December 2020 and reiterated the important need to re-emphasize these recommendations with the upcoming Biden-Zelenskyy summit.

Heartfelt congratulations to all Ukrainian Olympic athletes

Dear Editor:

As a Ukrainian-American, I would like to state that all of the Ukrainian Olympic athletes (whether they took a medal or not), along with their coaches, team advisors, and support personnel, have much to be proud of. Whether from Ukraine proper, or representing some other nation, via their sporting activities, the entire world has learned much more about Ukraine. To all of them I say congratulations and my heartful thanks. I very much look forward to the soon upcoming 2022 Winter Games. Glory to all!

Thank you, Metropolitan-Archbishop Gudziak

Dear Editor:
The August 8 column by Metropolitan-Archbishop Borys Gudziak (Gift, challenge and charge: on Ukraine’s 30th anniversary) was an amazing reminiscence that must have touched the heart of every Ukrainian patriot who recalls that climacteric period.

Coordinated action is urgently needed to press Biden on Ukraine

commend Askold Lozynskyj’s logical and deductive reasoning in his article “What time is it?” in the June 13 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly. His article included a call to action in the last paragraph for our Ukrainian diaspora “to rise, demand a White House meeting with the president himself (not some surrogate), voice their discontent (to put it mildly) and insist on better behavior by their own president.”

UAB needs an explanation from Biden on NS2

Dear Editor:
Thank you very much for publishing the incisive story by Askold Lozynskyj, “What time is it?” (June 13). I do strongly believe that his recommendation should be vigorously pursued and recommend that a select group of Ukrainian Americans for Biden should be promptly created to immediately request a meeting with the president and demand an explanation for why he abandoned Ukraine (and Poland) by approving Nord Stream 2 and somehow forgot to recommend Ukraine’s acceptance into NATO.