Coordinated action is urgently needed to press Biden on Ukraine

commend Askold Lozynskyj’s logical and deductive reasoning in his article “What time is it?” in the June 13 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly. His article included a call to action in the last paragraph for our Ukrainian diaspora “to rise, demand a White House meeting with the president himself (not some surrogate), voice their discontent (to put it mildly) and insist on better behavior by their own president.”

UAB needs an explanation from Biden on NS2

Dear Editor:
Thank you very much for publishing the incisive story by Askold Lozynskyj, “What time is it?” (June 13). I do strongly believe that his recommendation should be vigorously pursued and recommend that a select group of Ukrainian Americans for Biden should be promptly created to immediately request a meeting with the president and demand an explanation for why he abandoned Ukraine (and Poland) by approving Nord Stream 2 and somehow forgot to recommend Ukraine’s acceptance into NATO.

Contact Congressional representatives

Ukraine’s struggle to finally separate from Russia continues even as multiple other events and issues compete for the world’s attention. This is understandable but worrisome for Ukraine as it works to maintain international support for this effort. We, the Ukrainian diaspora, search for ways to contribute to Ukraine’s fight for security.

A green light on Nord Stream 2

Dear Editor:

One might think that U.S. President Joe Biden’s green light to Russian President Vladimir Putin to complete the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a result of the recent computer terror against Colonial Pipeline.

A need for the printed word and free speech

Dear Editor:
As a long-time reader of your worthy newspaper, I wish to echo the sentiments of Bishop Basil H. Losten and Darian Diachok concerning the importance of the printed word and editorial policies, expressed in the March 14 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly.

Time to pass judgment on Trump

Dear Editor:

It must be clear to all Ukrainians that Russian President Vladimir Putin is Ukraine’s enemy. Unless Ukrainians are content with Ukraine being a “little Russia” or “that Ukraine is part of ‘the Russian world,’” which The Weekly noted is Moscow’s stance, Ukrainians must accept former President Donald Trump also is Ukraine’s enemy.

A smoke screen to cover “elephant in the room”

Dear Editor:

I received the February 21 issue of The Weekly just two days ago. Hence my “tardy” comments relative to Marco Levytsky’s column about President Joe Biden’s executive orders. More specifically, I wish to address the issue of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Critics need to be more careful, cautious and informed

Dear Editor:

I would like to address a recent letter to the editor criticizing Mr. Mirchuk’s and Mr. Martyniuk’s earlier letters on Crimea and Nord Stream 2. The letter was written by Dr. Lomacky (March 14, 2021). Unfortuna­tely, space limitations do not allow a full elaboration.

A call for a more festive annual celebration of Shevchenko

I have just finished reading a wonderful article by Alex Kuzma on Shevchenko. I understand that Ukrainians remember Shevchenko in a very serious and somber manner, but I have also spent time in Scotland and the Scots honor Robert Burns by having a dinner, a few drinks and reading Burns’ poetry (and listening to a tune on the bagpipes!).