UWC calls on international community to stand with Ukraine

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is deeply concerned with Russia’s recent build-up of military forces at Ukraine’s border and violation of its ceasefire agreement. Equally troubling are the series of provocative statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin, other officials and Russian media personalities regarding Ukraine. All these developments have raised the prospect that Moscow might launch a new offensive in Ukraine.

The fight against corruption in Ukraine

Amid an ongoing pandemic currently spiking throughout the country and amid a growing threat of renewed Russian aggression and more Russian troops mobilizing along its northern, eastern and southern borders, Ukraine has simultaneously been tasked by Western allies with rooting out corruption and graft endemic throughout much of the country.

My friend Professor Bohdan Medwidsky

On Sunday, March 28, I was waiting for the dreaded phone call and it came. My friend Bohdan Medwidsky had passed at 4:30 p.m. from the coronavirus. This severed a virtually 30-year friendship.

The complexity of Ukrainian Jewish relations

Let me preface my remarks with a caveat. This is a personal analysis but not anecdotal with few stereotypical examples and conclusions and, unfortunately, some bias. Also, this is a very sensitive topic, which may offend even some of my friends who are Jewish, those who are very thin skinned.

Efforts to rescind Duranty’s Pulitzer take on new momentum

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Committee on Ukrainian Holodomor-Genocide Awareness (herein referred to as U.S. Holodomor Committee) has begun a national campaign to ask the Pulitzer Prize Board to reconsider their 2003 statement and finally admit that they made a mistake and negate the Pulitzer Prize awarded to Walter Duranty.

Russian troops amassing near eastern Ukraine

The editorial in last week’s issue of The Ukrainian Weekly focused on the rising level of violence occurring in Donbas. We noted that, according to a March 20 report by Radio Svoboda, it appeared that the number of “separatist” forces near the occupied towns of Horlivka and Mospino, both in the Donetsk region, had increased recently.

A need for the printed word and free speech

Dear Editor:
As a long-time reader of your worthy newspaper, I wish to echo the sentiments of Bishop Basil H. Losten and Darian Diachok concerning the importance of the printed word and editorial policies, expressed in the March 14 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly.