Plast celebrates 109th anniversary with events in parliament and throughout Ukraine

KYIV – For the second year in a row, the Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organizat­ion marked the anniversary of its founding on April 12 online due to pandemic restrictions. While many of the commemorations took place virtually, members of the Ukrainian parliament from the inter-factional caucus “Plast” gathered in the Verkhovna Rada to congratulate the organization on its 109th anniversary during a plenary session the following day.

Penned in on multiple international issues, Putin strives to show resolve on Ukraine

Putting military pressure on Ukraine could have seemed to the Russian leadership to be the most practical way to assert Moscow’s central role in international affairs. The standard working assumption in the Kremlin is that facing a risk of violent conflict, the disunited West would become attentive to Russian grievances and demands and opt for a compromise.

Moscow moving 15 warships from Caspian Sea to waters off Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on April 13 that Moscow is sending 15 naval vessels from its Caspian Flotilla to waters off Ukraine to take part in military exercises there. Earlier, Russian and Ukrainian media had reported stories about a smaller number. Although the vessels must pass through a 100-kilometer-long canal with more than 13 locks, they will likely be able to arrive before other ships, sent from Russia’s Baltic Fleet, make it to the Black Sea basin.

Supreme Court of Ukraine rules in favor of transferring UOC-MP parish to the OCU

PARSIPPANY, N.J. — On April 6, a court session of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court of Ukraine was held to consider case No. 910/ 10011/19 on the legality of the change by the religious community of the village of Sutkivtsiy, Khmelnytskyi region, of its subordination-withdrawal from the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) and entry into the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU).

Ukraine sees new pandemic lockdown as country suffers worst COVID-19 infection rate in Europe, 7th in the world

KYIV – With 13,276 new cases reported on April 5, Ukraine topped the list of European countries with the highest COVID-19 infection rate, according to the statistics portal Worldometer. The following day, Ukraine also saw record numbers of hospitalizations and fatalities since the pandemic began more than a year ago, with 5,587 people hospitalized and 481 dead on April 6.

War scare is Putin’s natural element

The current escalation of tensions around eastern Ukraine is dangerous and may appear untimely and inopportune while Europe and Russia seek to focus on managing the latest COVID-19 pandemic wave as well as addressing its accumulating economic and social consequences. Nevertheless, a deliberate political choice is dictating the uptick in violence in the Donbas war zone, raising the risk of renewed major military conflict.