Government ousts Naftogaz chief, undermining corporate governance standards

KYIV – Ukraine’s government appointed Yuriy Vitrenko as the new CEO of state-owned giant Naftogaz on April 28, replacing Andriy Kobolyev, who had led the enterprise since 2014. The move, which occurred the day after the national oil and gas company reported a loss in 2020 of $684 million, was taken by Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers, which used a legal loophole to rid themselves of Mr. Kobolyev.

Plast celebrates 109th anniversary with events in parliament and throughout Ukraine

KYIV – For the second year in a row, the Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organizat­ion marked the anniversary of its founding on April 12 online due to pandemic restrictions. While many of the commemorations took place virtually, members of the Ukrainian parliament from the inter-factional caucus “Plast” gathered in the Verkhovna Rada to congratulate the organization on its 109th anniversary during a plenary session the following day.

Ukraine sees new pandemic lockdown as country suffers worst COVID-19 infection rate in Europe, 7th in the world

KYIV – With 13,276 new cases reported on April 5, Ukraine topped the list of European countries with the highest COVID-19 infection rate, according to the statistics portal Worldometer. The following day, Ukraine also saw record numbers of hospitalizations and fatalities since the pandemic began more than a year ago, with 5,587 people hospitalized and 481 dead on April 6.

Zelenskyy dismisses two Constitutional Court judges in controversial move

KYIV – Ousted Constitutional Court Chief Justice Oleksandr Tupytsky on March 29 challenged his dismissal by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with the Supreme Court, a court filing shows.

Post-Soviet Ukraine’s sixth president had two days earlier revoked Mr. Tupytsky’s appointment to the court by reversing a presidential decree that his predecessor, Viktor Yanukovych, had signed on September 17, 2013.