March 19, 2021

Critics need to be more careful, cautious and informed


Dear Editor:

I would like to address a recent letter to the editor criticizing Mr. Mirchuk’s and Mr. Martyniuk’s earlier letters on Crimea and Nord Stream 2. The letter was written by Dr. Lomacky (March 14, 2021). Unfortuna­tely, space limitations do not allow a full elaboration.

The thrust of Mr. Martyniuk’s letter asked whether President Joe Biden will allow Germany and Russian President Vladimir Putin to complete the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, an existential threat to Ukraine. In a desperate attempt to clear Mr. Biden’s name, the doctor is asking for “evidence for their assertions and demanding apologies for spreading false information about our president.” If Dr. Lomacky would take the time to be better informed, the evidence is ubiquitous. No one questions that the Obama Administration pressured then-interim Ukrainian President Oleksander Turchynov not to intervene in Crimea because former President Barack Obama feared it would mean a war with Russia possibly evolving into a WW III!

It is odd that Dr. Lomacky is more concerned about protecting Mr. Biden’s reputation than he is willing to see the U.S. play hardball with Germany to stop the looming threat of Nord Stream 2. It is sad to see Ukrainian professionals so uninformed about such crucial matters.

As for Dr. Lomacky’s outlandish assertion that former President Donald Trump was “a buddy of Putin,” the record shows that he was infinitely tougher on Russia than the Obama/Biden team ever were.

Sterling Heights, Mich.