February 26, 2016

Designer Anna Karenina to show during 2016 New York Fashion Week


Born in Kremenchuk in 1995, she graduated from Kyiv State University of Technology and Design.

Her modeling career began at age 14 and her fashion career at 16 with her own line of clothing, as described in a February 15 article on Fashionista.com. Her fashions have been shown for several seasons at the Mercedes-Benz Kyiv Fashion Days.

In 2014 she was invited to show at Pitti Imagine in Florence, Italy. Her designs featured T-shirts with fashion insider sayings like “fashion circus” and “I don’t do interviews.”

Anna Karenina


Anna Karenina

Also influencing Karenina’s rise in the fashion industry has been Daria Shappovalova, a Kyiv-based fashion journalist and organizer of the Kyiv Fashion Days. Ms. Shapovalova wore a dress designed by Anna K. and made introductions to Kris Jenner, who ended up wearing a dress designed by Anna K.

Anna’s designs have been featured in more than 40 top international retailers in 25 countries, including Colette, Lane Crawford, Galeries Lafayette and Avenue 32, surprising much of the industry, since Kyiv is not considered a major fashion capital.

Readers can view more of her designs and purchase items on her website, http://annak.fashion/, or e-mail, orders@ann-k-fashion.com.