September 3, 2021

Do UAB members have “buyer’s remorse”?


Dear Editor:

I read with interest the released statement issued to the White House by the Ukrainian Americans for Biden (UAB) that appeared in the August 8 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly. In it they describe the comprehensive set of policy recommendations they provided the Biden Administra­tion in December 2020 and reiterated the important need to re-emphasize these recommendations with the upcoming Biden-Zelenskyy summit. They also expressed their deep disappointment over Mr. Biden’s failure to oppose the Nord Stream 2 (NS2) pipeline. They then went on to elaborate why the NS2 pipeline is a bad deal for Ukraine and Europe as a whole.

Clearly, the UAB can think on international/strategic military levels when they can enumerate, point by point, the threats posed by Russia to Ukraine’s international sovereignty and security. They are well aware that Russia’s strategic goal is to hinder Ukraine’s membership into NATO. They also recognize Ukraine’s role as a frontline defender (albeit buffer state) of Europe. The case that the UAB makes is solid if not prophetic for Ukraine’s survival. It’s too bad that they were not prophetic on the domestic front in seeing this administration’s decision to sacrifice Ukraine for a second time, and how this administration is striving to make this great nation into a third world country. I am wondering if UAB have “buyer’s remorse” now.

Bohdan Hetmansky
Lt. Col., U.S. Army (retired)
Huntingtown, Md.