September 10, 2021

Emphatically, there’s no buyer’s remorse


Dear Editor:

In response to Bohdan Hetmansky’s letter, published in the September 5 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly, on whether Ukrainian Americans who voted for President Joe Biden have any “buyer’s remorse,” I can answer emphatically that I do not. Like almost all Ukrainian Americans, regardless of political leanings, I am not happy that this administration has backed off from stopping Nord Stream 2 (see Mark Temnycky’s article in the same issue). At the same time, I recognize the difficulty in pulling the plug on a multi-billion-dollar project that was more than 90 percent complete when Mr. Biden was sworn in last January. Perhaps Mr. Hetmansky should instead ask why the previous occupant of the White House didn’t stop Nord Stream 2 before it reached 90 percent completion? And speaking of that previous occupant, let me remind your readers, without beating a dead horse, that it is indisputable that he had zero love for – or understanding of – Ukraine. The thought of him remaining in the White House for a second term is enough to dispel any possible feeling of remorse. Is Mr. Biden perfect? No, but I definitely believe that he is far better for Ukraine and for this country as well. And he is not sacrificing Ukraine for a second time nor is he striving to make the U.S. into a third world country.  When you consider the actions taken by his predecessor vis-a-vis Ukraine, or how he kowtowed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, or how he handled the domestic issues facing this country, and how he would have continued those actions if re-elected – well, then again, no remorse.


Halyna Traversa
Estero, Fla.