September 10, 2021

I have no buyer’s remorse


Dear Editor:

In response to Lt. Col. Bohdan Hetmansky’s letter in the September 5 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly, I am not a citizen of Ukraine, but a citizen of the United States, as are my children and grandchildren. Always, my vote for president is informed not by just U.S. foreign policy, including policies regarding Ukraine, but by the candidate’s domestic agenda. Therefore, I voted for a man who, in contrast to the previous guy, first considers the interests of the American people rather than of himself; a man who listens to scientists when dealing with a worldwide pandemic and not to quacks and a man who cares about future generations who must live on our only planet. My answer to Mr. Hetmansky’s question is this: no, I most certainly do not regret my vote for Joe Biden.

Tania Vitvitsky
Sudbury, Mass.