February 26, 2016

Ivan Pasichnyk listed among Forbes magazine’s “30 under 30”


PARSIPPANY, N.J. – Ivan Pasichnyk, 28, a co-founder and CEO of an energy savings start-up company, was named among the Forbes’ magazine’s “30 under 30” list that recognized young leaders, creative inventors and entrepreneurs.

Mr. Pasichyk, who hails from Kyiv, helped launch a project called Ecois.me, which sells specially designed sensors that track electrical energy consumption, then the data is uploaded from the sensor to a website, and then to a mobile app that will advise tips on how to save energy – recognizing the most energy-efficient devices and finding ways to optimize the usage of various devices during energy consumption peaks. Ecois.me can reduce electricity bills by up to 20 percent for end customers. For utility providers, Ecois.me helps to reduce power peaks and offer their customers a value added service.

Ecois.me is co-founded by Mr. Pasichnyk’s partners – Nazar Mokrinskiy, Anton Diatlov and Alexandr Diatlov – and the company’s value is estimated at $800,000.

Previously, the foursome collaborated on Opir.org, a geo-location service with critical real-time data used to coordinate activists, deliver medicine to hospitals and self-organize the activist forces in Ukraine. The service was built in less than a month, and has become a universal tool in the monitoring of elections in Ukraine.