February 19, 2016

Manor receives Weldon Congressional Ukrainian Collection


Manor College

Orange Revolution memorabilia from the Weldon Congressional Ukrainian Collection.

JENKINTOWN, Pa. – Former U.S. Congressman Curt Weldon (D-Pa., 1987-2007) recently visited Manor College to donate the Weldon Congressional Ukrainian Collection – an impressive group of nearly 75 items including books and historical artifacts rich in Ukrainian heritage and the history of relations between Ukraine and the U.S.

Manor College President Jon Peri expressed his gratitude and excitement in receiving the donation, stating that many of the donated pieces represent the great influence that Rep. Weldon had on the United States and Ukraine.

Manor College is a natural fit for the collection, given that it is the only accredited Ukrainian Catholic post-secondary institution of higher education in the country, a fact that Mr. Weldon referenced several times while making the donation.

Some of the standout artifacts in the collection include a plaque representing Ukraine’s agreement to disarm nuclear weapons, along with a piece of a destroyed nuclear weapon enclosed within the plaque.

Another unique piece to the collection is an original Orange Revolution scarf and hat given to Rep. Weldon by Ukraine’s former President Viktor Yushchenko.

Perhaps the most significant piece in the collection is the original 1999 formally signed agreement between Ukraine’s Parliament and the U.S. Congress to establish and normalize relations between the two countries. The document is signed by 21 of the most influential, high-level public officials of Ukraine and the U.S. from that moment in time.

Many of the items included in the collection will be on display in Manor’s Ukrainian Heritage Studies Center.