December 24, 2015

Plast scouts share Bethlehem Peace Light with Poroshenko


Presidential Administration of Ukraine

President Petro Poroshenko accepts the Bethlehem Peace Light from members of Plast – National Scout Organization of Ukraine.

KYIV – Plast Ukrainian scouts on December 19 visited the Presidential Administration of Ukraine to present the Bethlehem Peace Light to President Petro Poroshenko.

Lighting the president’s icon lamp with the flame of the Peace Light, Andriy Luzan, a member of the national supervisory board of Plast – National Scout Organization of Ukraine, said: “We urgently need peace and that is why we brought this symbol of peace to you, Mr. President.”

The Peace Light is from the birthplace of Jesus Christ, and is shared by scouts worldwide before Christmas. This marked the first time the light was shared with the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.

President Poroshenko expressed his hope that the Peace Light will bring hope for a better future for everyone. “Let this light be lit in homes in Chernihiv and Crimea, Zakarpattia and Luhansk. Let it demonstrate the unity of Ukraine and bring peace to all these homes,” he said.

“You will now bring this light to a series of state institutions. With your permission, I will also make a contribution to the spread of this light. We all must pray for peace to come to Ukraine next year and for Ukraine to regain its territories and come a few important steps closer to Europe,” Mr. Poroshenko added.

The president also stated: “I would like to express gratitude to Plast scouts for their steadfast Ukrainian position, for the fact that over 100 Plast scouts are now in the ATO [anti-terrorist operation] area and for their demonstration of the unity of the Ukrainian nation.”

Source: Presidential Administration of Ukraine