October 7, 2016

Scholarships available to Ukrainian students at St. George Academy


NEW YORK – St. George Academy (SGA) is offering scholarships for the current school year (2016-2017) for students of Ukrainian or Ukrainian American descent. The scholarships, which are being offered for students entering the ninth grade, will cover the cost of a full year of tuition at SGA.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Principal Andrew Stasiw, St. George Academy is now offering more to its students than ever before. In addition to the standard high school courses, several new classes have been added to the curriculum, including Computer Coding, Current Events, Survey of Philosophy, and Art.

Students will also be taking such courses as Combined Choir, Journalism, Creative Writing, Pre-Calculus, American Literature and Music Appreciation, as well as Advanced Placement courses for those who qualify.

There are also some new and exciting changes in store for the sports program this year.

SGA has welcomed two new faculty members: Cesar Blacido, who will be teaching Spanish and physical education, and Mustafa Ozkiroglu, who will be teaching art.

SGA students will continue to actively participate in church and community activities in order to help enrich Ukrainian American community life.

For more information about SGA scholarships readers may contact Mr. Stasiw at 212-473-3323 or 917-696-8080.