May 3, 2019

SGA Drama Club to present “Baba Yaga – A Fairy Tale”



St. George Academy students at work designing and creating the set for the upcoming performance of “Baba Yaga – A Fairy Tale.”

NEW YORK –The St. George Academy (SGA) Drama Club will present its performance of “Baba Yaga – A Fairy Tale” before parents, faculty members, students and members of the Ukrainian American community on Thursday, May 30, at 6 p.m.

The play is an adaptation of the Ukrainian folk tale “Baba Yaga” and tells the story of a girl named Kalyna, who is sent into the forest, to Baba Yaga’s house, by her evil stepmother, Yavdokha. Along the way, Kalyna meets various creatures from Ukrainian mythology and folklore, including forest spirits and talking animals. 

Over 30 students are participating in this year’s production. Most are actors; however, the play has two stage managers, key hair and make-up artists; and props and set designers. The performance is being spearheaded by Liza Donovan, the SGA social studies teacher and director of the Drama Club. Once again, Iryna Chuyan, ESL teacher, is serving as the costume designer and assistant director, and Dr. Kim Halverson, math teacher, is lending her invaluable assistance this year in building the set. The students voluntarily attend rehearsals and set-building sessions after school.

“This year’s performance is longer and more complex than last year’s, and takes far more dedication from the students,” says Mrs. Donovan, “However, I feel that because of the incredible student participation and cooperation, we have raised the bar in terms of quality. And the students are learning invaluable skills and life lessons as well.”