July 30, 2021

Statement by members of the European Parliament on the U.S.-Germany agreement over Nord Stream 2


The following statement was issued by members of the European Parliament on July 27.

BRUSSELS – The U.S.-Germany agreement over Nord Stream 2 is not a European agreement, but an attempt by the two countries to improve their bilateral relations and change the situation from very bad to bad.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is undermining Ukraine’s security, especially as Russia continues to provoke and escalate tensions against Ukraine: from a military build-up at Ukraine’s borders, which we witnessed this spring, to the most recent propaganda action of filing a complaint against Ukraine with the European Court of Human Rights.

In addition, the Nord Stream 2 project is against the EU Green Deal and increases the Union’s dependence on energy supplies from Russia.

We call upon the EU institutions to learn from the mistakes of past and present relations with Russia and to maintain a comprehensive policy based on European values rather than business deals.

Petras Auštrevičius, Renew Europe, Lithuania
Witold Waszczykowski, ECR, Poland
Andrius Kubilius, EPP, Lithuania
Sandra Kalniete, EPP, Latvia
Domènec Ruiz Devesa, S&D, Spain
Martin Hojsík, Renew Europe, Slovakia
Ivan Štefanec, EPP, Slovakia
Ramona Strugariu, Renew Europe, Romania
Radan Kanev, EPP, Bulgaria
Karen Melchior, Renew Europe, Denmark
Liudas Mažylis, EPP, Lithuania