August 25, 2017

Tell us all about it!


In our annual supplement called “A Ukrainian Summer” (published this year on May 7), we listed 51 – yes, fifty-one – Ukrainian festivals across North America, from Vernon, British Columbia, and San Diego in the west to Ottawa and Lindenhurst, N.Y., in the east. It was an impressive affirmation of at least a portion of the multi-faceted activities conducted by our Ukrainian communities in the United States and Canada. And the listing covered much more than just the summer months: the events extended from May through October – what is widely considered to be festival season.

(By the way, if your festival was not listed, well, you missed a great opportunity. So, remember our summer issue for next year. It’s published in the first issue of May, and we advertise deadlines well in advance. We certainly did notice that some festivals went missing from our 2017 listing. You know who you are. Ahem, Montreal, Washington, D.C., …)

Since that special supplement, we’ve carried news reports on, of course, the Ukrainian Cultural Festival held July 14-16 at Soyuzivka Heritage Center (which is organized by the Ukrainian National Foundation, an affiliated company of the Ukrainian National Association [our publisher] that performs charitable activities on its behalf) in our July 23 issue. Other festivals featured were: the St. George Ukrainian Festival held May 19-21 in New York in our June 4 issue; the Capital Ukrainian Festival held July 21-23 in Ottawa in our August 6 issue; and the Lemko Vatra held June 24-25 in Ellenville, N.Y., in our August 13 issue.

They were illustrated with wonderful photos that were published in full color on our newspaper’s pages. Visit The Ukrainian Weekly online ( and you’ll see what we’re talking about. In fact, you’ll notice that some of the reports were quite concise, allowing the pictures to tell the story of the festival. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The photos themselves were a feast for the eyes, and we’re sure our readers agreed. A big thank-you goes out to the photographers and writers who submitted materials. We can’t say it enough: We’re always pleased to share such vibrant community news.

By the date of this issue, 37 of the 51 festivals in our 2017 listing titled “It’s Festival Time!” will have been held. Perhaps we’ll still get some photos and text about some of them. That leaves 14 more festivals of those we listed to go. So, come on, San Diego, Parma, Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. We’ll be waiting for your submissions. Let fellow Ukrainians know what your community is all about. Boast about your “hromada”! Festivals are the perfect vehicle to do that. Let The Ukrainian Weekly help you get the word out.

Dear readers, please consider this our open invitation to you to become our partner. We always give credit where it’s due, so please don’t forget to identify writers and photographers. Also, please make sure the photos you send are high-quality, high-resolution jpgs or jpegs (not photos embedded in documents and not links to online photo albums) that will be suitable for printing. Oh, and don’t forget captions to the photos so readers will know what they’re looking at.

Finally, a reminder: If you’ve used our paper to get publicity for your events, but have not sent in information afterwards to inform readers how it all turned out, your job was only half done.

In short the message of this editorial is: Tell us, and our readers, all about it!