April 3, 2020

UCC statement on COVID-19


The Ukrainian Canadian Congress released the following statement on March 20.


The COVID-19 crisis is rapidly evolving. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) is working hard to support our community during this challenging time.

“The UCC is working to ensure that we are all well-informed about what we can do as individuals and to help each other to fight the COVID-19 virus and all negative consequences that follow from it,” stated Alexandra Chyczij, national president of the UCC. “The UCC will support provincial and local partners and members in delivering information and support to those who need it most. This is a very difficult time for our community, our country and the world. United in common purpose, we will all work together to overcome this enormous challenge.”

Today, the UCC announces the following initiatives: National Blood Drive. The UCC urges all members of our community and all Canadians who are eligible and able to consider donating blood. There have been many recent cancellations of appointments. Donating blood remains safe.

“Patients depend on these lifesaving donations,” stated Dr. Isra Levy, Canadian Blood Services’ vice-president of medical affairs and innovation. “Every day they are needed for patients undergoing surgery and cancer treatment, as well as to save lives following traumas such as motor vehicle accidents.”

Maintaining blood supplies will become even more important in the coming weeks.