November 3, 2016

Ukrainian American Veterans award scholarships for 2016


Mark Frederick Lewis (Florida), who attends Florida Atlantic University and is majoring in criminal justice, received the UAV Post 40 award of $500. Anna Terrebetzky (New York) received the UAV Ladies Auxiliary award of $400. She attends Hunter College and majors in English. Alexander Geba (Massachusetts) received a $300 scholarship. He attends Bridgewater State University and majors in marketing.

The other five students received $200 each. Anjelika Kuziv (Illinois) attends University of Illinois at Urbana-Campaign and majors in biology; Christina Nadia Vosbikian (Pennsylvania) attends Princeton University and majors in public and international affairs; Christina Sophia Bej (Michigan) attends Oakland University and majors in actuarial science; Brandon Paul Hrycak (New Jersey) attends California State University, Chico, and majors in computer information systems; and Chloe Diakiwsky (Pennsylvania) attends Penn State University and majors in veterinary and biomedical science.

The purpose of the scholarship award is to help undergraduate students pay for books or school supplies. Students are required to write an essay (400-500 words) about a current military or popular topic. The topics for this year are: the war on terrorism, human rights, the negative effects of wars on American veterans, Russian aggression against sovereign countries and Ukrainian American veterans’ contributions to America’s wars. Students can chose any one of these five topics. Other criteria considered for a scholarship are academic achievement and extracurricular activities. The scholarship recipients are announced during the UAV’s annual national convention, which year was held in Chicago on October 13-15.

Applications for student scholarships are available on the UAV website: To be eligible for a UAV scholarship, applicants must be descendants of or related to Ukrainian American veterans. Students should be full-time undergraduate college students in a degree program; students attending accredited trade schools or institutions that have a degree program also are eligible. Applications are accepted year round, and the deadline is August 31 of each year.

Applications should be sent to UAV National Scholarship Officer Nicholas Skirka, 109 Windsor Terrace, Yonkers, NY, 10701. For additional information, readers may e-mail or call 914-965-3707.

The UAV National Scholarship Committee includes John Tkachuk, Peter Olijarczyk, Maksym Makarczuk and Russel Olijarczyk.