July 23, 2021

Ukrainian American Veterans


Uniformed members of the Ukrainian American Veterans (UAV) have long comprised the honor guard carrying the flags at the main program of the Soyuzivka festivals. This non-political brotherhood of American veterans is united by shared military experience, common Ukrainian heritage and the desire to help other current or newly discharged brothers and sisters within our community. Responding to ongoing Russian invasions, they continue to raise much needed awareness and funding for wounded Ukrainian veterans.

The UAV coordinates with Ukrainian officials to provide medical aid via PTSD programs and specialized physicians for Ukrainian soldiers. In America, the organization maintains a Welfare Fund for members in need, and sponsors scholarships for students. Most of the current UAV members served their country during the Vietnam era, but they encourage all Ukrainians from Afghanistan and Iraq theaters to join their organization. Ihor Rudko serves as National Commander. Their website is http://www.uavets.org.