September 10, 2021

Ukrainian National Association seeks applicants for executive positions

Deadline for applications is October 31

PARSIPPANY, N.J. – The Ukrainian National Association (UNA) will hold its 40th quadrennial convention in May 2022. That convention will mark a pivotal moment for the UNA, which recently adopted a new corporate governance structure that replaced the organization’s Executive Committee with a new Corporate Board of Directors.

At the upcoming convention, delegates to the general assembly, which is the organization’s highest governing body, will elect the UNA’s next president/chief executive officer (CEO), a new Corporate Board of Directors, as well as members of the Audit Committee and the Fraternal Advisory Board. The newly-elected Board of Directors will then appoint a secretary/chief operating officer (COO) and a treasurer/chief financial officer (CFO) by a majority vote during its first organizational meeting after the convention.

The UNA is encouraging individuals to submit applications for any of the positions mentioned above.

“Our Ukrainian communities in the U.S. and Canada are brimming with individuals who, over their professional careers, have developed significant leadership experience and strong diplomatic skills,” said Roman Hirniak, who chairs the UNA’s Nominations Committee, which is responsible for, among other duties, vetting the qualifications of individuals who submit applications for the positions described above.

“It is these individuals who likely also have a vision for the UNA and its various operational entities that our Nominations Committee would like to meet with and interview,” Mr. Hirniak said.

Founded in 1894, the UNA is a modern fraternal society that provides a variety of high-quality life insurance and annuity products, as well as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and a Coverdell Education Savings Account.

While certain positions – the CEO, COO and CFO – are all roles that require individuals to work full time for the UNA, Mr. Hirniak added that many of the positions do not require people to leave their current jobs.

“I think it’s important for folks to understand that becoming an integral part of the UNA’s next team of leaders will not necessarily require them to leave their current jobs.  For example, among the tasks of our Nominations Committee is vetting candidates to fill six seats on the newly-created Corporate Board of Directors,” Mr. Hirniak said.  “While the CBD will manage the affairs of the UNA and replace the current Executive Committee and General Assembly, those six directors are not full-time employees of the UNA. The same applies for all three members of the Audit Committee and all six members of the Fraternal Advisory Board.”

For those individuals who are interested in applying for the three full-time positions within the UNA, Mr. Hirniak noted the significant impact these individuals can have on the organization’s direction and future growth.

“Together this team [the CEO, COO and CFO] will direct the day-to-day business of the UNA. In short, they will promote the UNA’s growth in assets and guide its financial affairs,” Mr. Hirniak said.

“What I would say to individuals interested in applying for one of these three positions is that seldom is one given an opportunity to lead the new iteration of an entity that’s existed for over 125 years. This new iteration was precipitated by a complete revamp of the UNA’s Charter and By-Laws in January 2020.  As a result, these three executive officers will step into a modern version of the UNA and be able to propel its legacy for years to come.  Rarely are we presented with career leadership moments like this,” Mr. Hirniak said.

All applicants must be UNA members in good standing. A full profile of the positions noted above and instructions for applying can be found on the UNA’s web site at the following address:

Completed application forms and copies of applicants’ detailed resumes must be sent via certified mail on or before October 31 to the following address: Ukrainian National Association, Inc., Attn: UNA President Stefan Kaczaraj, 2200 Route 10, P.O. Box 280, Parsippany, N.J., 07054.