February 18, 2021

Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago announces re-opening


CHICAGO – The Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago announced on February 12 its plan to re-open beginning on March 4. Visitors are recommended to schedule a reservation by contacting the museum via e-mail, admin@ukrainiannationalmuseum.org, or telephone, 312-421-8020.

Lydia Tkaczuk, president of the Ukrainian National Museum, noted in the museum’s 2020 newsletter how the UNM was closed to the public for seven months, which forced the cancellation of exhibits, workshops, book presentations and other events, including the favored folktale diorama. The work of the museum has continued during the closure with online tours and museum experiences, continuing its 68-year history of celebrating and preserving Ukrainian history, art, culture and traditions, even hosting an online banquet.

The annual newsletter also commemorated the losses suffered during the past year with the deaths of major UNM contributors and supporters, including Jaroslaw J. Hankewych, UNM architect Joseph I. Mycyk, Dr. George Sas-Podlusky, Jaroslaw Samycia, among others.

The UNM also thanked the foundations, grantors, donors, friends, volunteers, employees, board members and officers for their continued support, and the museum reminded readers to continue to support the museum by donating, not only monetarily, but with family history artifacts, which document the collective Ukrainian story in the United States.
For additional information, readers can visit the Ukrainian National Museum’s website, www.ukrainiannationalmuseum.org.