June 10, 2021

Ukrainian World Congress spearheads global advocacy campaign for Ukraine’s NATO Membership Action Plan


BRUSSELS – In advance of the 2021 NATO Allied Leaders summit on June 14 in Brussels, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) calls on global Ukrainian communities and friends of Ukraine to petition leaders of NATO-member countries to accelerate a NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP) for Ukraine. This summit takes place amid the unprecedented escalation of Russian aggression in the region clearly indicating that Russia is an imminent threat to Europe and all NATO member countries.

UWC member organizations in the 30 NATO member countries, namely Europe, Turkey, Canada and the United States, have been actively engaging government leaders, media and thought leaders to ensure NATO commits to a Membership Action Plan for Ukraine.
Ukrainian organizations in Canada, the United States, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Turkey and others already addressed their respective governments urging them to support Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations and offer a clear message of support for Ukraine’s MAP. The UWC president wrote to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on May 25 calling on the Alliance to accelerate work on a NATO MAP for Ukraine.

In the weeks leading up to the NATO summit, the UWC and its member organizations worldwide are hosting a series of meetings and public discussions with high-profile government officials and prominent experts on a NATO vision for Ukraine.

The UWC calls on all Ukrainian communities around the world to join this powerful global advocacy campaign by taking the following actions:
• address and meet political leaders and government officials, civil society leaders and experts in the community;
• write op-ed articles to national papers;
• engage other ethnocultural communities and friends of Ukraine to support this campaign;
• and host public discussions, consultations and advocacy events.

“Ukraine’s NATO membership is the surest and fastest path to peace and security in Ukraine. It will bring an end to Russia’s war against Ukraine and stop Russia’s ongoing provocations in Eastern Europe,” said Paul Grod, the UWC president. “Continued appeasement of Russia will continue to deliver oppression in Belarus, bloodshed in Ukraine and global aggression by [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and his henchmen.”

The UWC and its member organizations around the world call upon NATO leaders at their summit on June 14 to put an end to Russia’s global violence and sabotage by committing to provide Ukraine and Georgia Membership Action Plans and agree to a NATO force presence in Ukraine.