November 13, 2020

UOL launches Thanksgiving food drive


SOMERSET, N.J. – November is the month Americans celebrate Thanksgiving and also the month Ukrainians commemorate the victims of the Holodomor. The Ukrainian Orthodox League National Executive Board has decided that its annual recommended Thanksgiving Project will focus on bringing a greater awareness of the Holodomor, while helping the hungry in our own communities now and in the future.

Here are the UOL project recommendations.

The UOL is conducting a food drive at local parishes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A., collecting non-perishable foods and donating them to a local food bank, or by hosting a pop-up food drive at local parishes with Thanksgiving-related foods to distribute to the community.

Organizers urge participants to have their advertising and, if possible, label the food donations with the following message: “In 1932, 10 million people perished in an artificial famine in Ukraine. We pray no one ever goes hungry again.” #Holodomor #UkrainianGenocide #NeverForget

The UOL website ( has this text formatted for a sheet of 30 labels (1 inch by 2-5/8 inches each) if readers would like to download it for printing.

Participants are urged to send photos of their Thanksgiving project participation to the UOL Publicity Commission at and the organization will post it on the UOL’s Facebook page and in the UOL Bulletin.

If your parish cannot support a food drive, please consider a fund-raising drive and send the donations to a local food bank or soup kitchen.