December 21, 2018

We must stand as one in condemnation of Russia


Dear Editor:

With Russia’s latest incursions against Ukraine, the entire world is again seeing Vladimir Putin’s hostility to the democratic order. Ukraine is our ally and our friend and we must stand beside it. 

Half-hearted praise and foot-dragging on Russian sanctions will not inhibit the Russian dictator. This past week, I proudly signed onto a resolution renewing calls for Russia to end hostilities that violate Ukraine’s sovereignty. With its passage, the resolution reaffirmed Congress’s commitment to Ukraine’s independence and security and urged the president to hold Russia accountable for its aggressive behavior. 

The United States – Congress and the White House together – must stand as one in condemnation of Russia. And we must begin formulating more cooperation with our Ukrainian partners and stronger measures to deter Russian aggression. 

Bill Pascrell Jr. – Member of Congress (D-N.J., 9th Congressional District), Washington